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Healing the Environment

There are many environmental issues tied to dentistry. Bisphenol A (BPA) is widely used in the manufacture of many consumer plastic products. Laboratory testing has suggested that BPA may affect reproduction and development in animals (by mimicking the effects of the female hormone estrogen), raising concerns about its safety. There is also evidence that some dental sealants and dental composites, may contribute to low-level BPA exposure. 

If you are concerned about this potential problem, rest assured that we are a step ahead. Our sealants and composites resins do not contain any Bisphenol A. We prefer to use dental materials that are biocompatible and safe for your body.

In addition, the disposal of silver fillings that contain 50% mercury and x-ray chemicals has been a major issue in Congress.

Each year dentists are responsible for generating 3.7 tons of mercury waste, 28 million liters of toxic X-ray fixer and 4.8 million lead foils from x-ray development. 


In our practice, we have been using digital x-ray imaging technology for over 20 years. This technology eliminates the use of toxic chemicals and lead foils, in addition to exposing patients to 90% less radiation.


Because dental practices are one of the biggest contributors to mercury ending up in local wastewater, we have invested in an amalgam separator. This simple device eliminates mercury and other hazardous metal from entering the environment.

You can feel good knowing you’re coming to a practice that is contributing to a better world. 

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