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Lead-Free Crowns

Several news outlets reported concern over the safety of some imported dental materials, such as dental crowns. Some news reports subjected foreign made dental crowns to laboratory testing and indicated that lead had found at a level of approximately 200 parts per million (ppm).

The CDC responded that 200 ppm (the approximate amount of lead reportedly found in the crowns featured in the initial news report), is “highly unlikely” to cause adverse health effects.

At our dental practice, we make sure that all dental materials used are biologically compatible and that no lead or any other impurities and contaminants are present.

What’s made where? There are thousands of dental laboratories across the United States, ranging from very small 1- or 2-person operations to some that have more than 100- employees. Some domestic dental laboratories outsource a portion of their work to foreign laboratories in China, the Phillipines and other third world countries.

We have all of our dental crowns and porcelain restorations fabricated by three independent dental laboratories. Dr. Shuman has personally visited these laboratories and has a personal relationship with every owner. If there are questions that concern you, be assured that our practice provides lead-free dental materials. Please e-mail us with your questions.

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