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Dental Implants

Everyone would agree that nothing is better than natural teeth; however, it's great to know that if teeth are lost due to disease or an accident, they can easily be replaced with permanent dental implants. There is no longer a need to endure bridgework or uncomfortable dentures. Dental implants simply feel and work like natural teeth.


Patients are thrilled to see how quickly they can again enjoy all their favorite foods, dine out with friends or just laugh out loud without worrying about the embarrassment of missing teeth. The whole concept is to create a fabulous smile so the patient can fully enjoy life again!

Single & Multiple Tooth Implants

Nothing can take the place of a healthy set of teeth. But when you lose a tooth through disease or an accident, it's good to know you have options in restoring your smile. A dental implant feels and looks like your own lost tooth.

Here's how it works. Your dentist inserts a metal post beneath your gum. It fuses to the bone in your jaw just like the root of a tooth. Then your dentist mounts a replacement tooth on the implant, where it's most likely to blend in with the way your own teeth look and feel. Most patients find that an implant is secure and stable, a good replacement for their own tooth.


Partial Dentures

Similar to other unsecured multiple tooth restorations and dentures, typical partial dentures compromise comfort and fit. Implant supported fixed partial dentures provide a comfortable solution that is simple to maintain and last for many years. Using implants eliminates the need to use existing teeth for support, prolonging the useful life of your natural teeth. Function is also improved giving peace of mind eating. Any type of food can be enjoyed.

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